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The sustainable and frustration-free method for your nutritional well-being.

  • Tired of repetitive diets?

  • Ashamed of how you eat?

  • Fed up with this feeling of defeat?

I support you to succeed in:

- finding pleasure at the table

- eating according to your needs

- finding your balance weight

- regaining self-confidence

I will explain how during our free and non-binding discovery session .


I am

Laurie Dicosola

Nutritionist and Therapist in Mindful Eating

Since the opening of my practice, I have supported women wishing to find a balanced diet, whether their objective is to find their balance weight, improve their sports performance or alleviate a pathology.


My method creates real autonomy for the people I support.

All the knowledge acquired, the regular practice of mindfulness and my personalized support allow you to gain total confidence in your eating lifestyle without frustration (since you act according to what your body tells you) and sustainably.

I also regularly run conferences and workshops for companies or associations.

The themes that are close to my heart are children's nutrition, well-being at work, immunity, mindfulness and sports nutrition.

"A big thank you to Laurie who, through her program to change diet in full awareness, made me discover the benefits of meditation , whether in terms of food or simply for the benefits it brings at all levels . Thanks to this gentle program , the doubts and trial and error at the beginning are erased. I now eat in harmony with myself, being more attentive to my body and its real needs. veganism is now established and the support that Laurie brought me played a big part in it. "

Pauline V.

Your nutritionist listening to your needs


Your nutritionist in Cheseaux sur Lausanne , online or at home.

We adapt to your needs and current constraints by offering our services at our office, remotely as well as at home.

We assure you to respect all the instructions of the OFSP by ensuring that the hygienic measures and the safety distances are respected for the health of all.

Our services are detailed on the site: two-month coaching program, individual consultation and follow-up, discovery workshop on request.

Losing weight ?

Our approach goes far beyond coaching your diet.

From the first consultation, we set up a totally personalized program based on your goals, your weight history and your living environment.

As a nutrition expert, we will advise you on what is best for your health and physical and psychological well-being .

We know that overly restrictive diets (keto diet, high protein diet, cabbage soup, low calorie diet ...) work at the beginning but have much more negative repercussions then on your body than on your well-being.

This is why we use the only sustainable method which is the association of the skills of a nutritionist with the learning of a new hygiene of life.

Sports nutritionist


We are specialized sports nutritionist in order to meet the increasingly important demands of our customers.

Our services are aimed at leisure and professional sportsmen (endurance and strength); also to people wishing to resume a sporting activity or as part of a food rebalancing associated with a sporting activity.

The sports nutritionist tells you which eating lifestyle to adopt in order to improve your performance and recovery.

We are based on solid scientific knowledge as well as on our own expertise acquired over time.



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