Mindfulness of food

Mindful eating is the only sustainable way to achieve your nutritional well-being.

It is an exploration of our senses, our being and our body through food.

Alimentation Pleine Conscience
plaisir et alimentation

Eat in full
consciousness, the method of sensations and emotions

“An experience that engages all parts of ourselves - our body, our heart and our mind […], Mindfulness immerses us in the colors, textures, scents, flavors and even the sounds that accompany our gestures to eat and drink."

Jan Chozen Bays


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Whether your goal is a food rebalancing, becoming vegetarian or vegan, a diet plan for sportsmen or other, you will have all the resources to achieve it.

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The method explained

Obviously, as a nutrition coach, I establish a totally personalized food plan that will take into account purely nutritional aspects in order to ensure a good balance.

In parallel, we will explore how your body behaves according to the sensations and emotions of the moment. You will be guided by my voice to experience food tastings mindfully, imagine yourself in front of the buffet of your dreams or simply breathe and be in the present moment.


The goal ?

Intuitively define your level of hunger and satiety according to the food, the context, your state of mind, the smells… in order to take back control of your food according to what your body really needs now.


Libre à déjeuner vendredi midi ?

Rejoins nous toutes les deux semaines autour d'un lunch en pleine conscience.

Je te guide pendant une trentaine de minutes afin de décupler ton plaisir à table.

En étant plus à l'écoute de tes sensations, émotions et pensées, tu comprens comment cela influence ta manière de manger.

C'est ouvert à tous, sans pré-requis.

Balance & Wisdom

Mindful eating does not provide specific answers but will help create a better balance.

The primary goal is to determine what your own patterns are . It's about trying new strategies and then choosing which ones can continue to be used forever.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Inner wisdom and outer wisdom


Mindful eating involves:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • The "inner" wisdom "of listening and responding to the needs of the body . It is also about recognizing emotions and learning to label them, tolerate them and use them wisely. Inner wisdom is also about recognizing thoughts and other bodily sensations , but not reacting to them. Inner wisdom therefore involves listening to the interactions between body and mind , knowing these different sources of information and learning to use them wisely.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • The "outer" wisdom "of finding ways to personally use the vast amount of information that exists about nutrition, one's own energy needs. "Outer wisdom" is not only knowing information , but also knowing how to use it in ways that meet personal preferences and needs.

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By paying attention to what the body needs, such as when it is hungry and when it is satisfied, you develop a more natural and balanced relationship with food . Ultimately, this method is all about making you take care of yourself, accept yourself, understand what you really need, and develop inner wisdom to meet those needs in a healthy way .


Sustainable change requires becoming more aware of problematic patterns and modifying them so that they work in everyday life. These will be different for different people, at different times.


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