A step-by-step path to your well-being

Your nutrition coach for a method without diet and without frustration, effective in the long term .

Coaching régime

The method explained

We know that overly restrictive diets (keto diet, high protein diet, cabbage soup, low calorie diet ...) work at the beginning but have much more negative repercussions then on your body than on your well-being.


This is why we use the only sustainable method which is the association of the skills of a nutritionist with the learning of a new lifestyle.


During this first meeting, we discuss your issues in order to understand your history, your lifestyle, your environment and identify what are the obstacles in reaching your goals.

Together, we decide on a totally personalized food plan. We put in place solutions adapted to your eating habits. I provide you with recipe ideas as well as tips to save time in the kitchen.

This consultation is also an opportunity to introduce you to the techniques of mindful eating. We experience a moment of breathing in order to learn to be present to what we eat.

This technique invites you to eat in a completely intuitive way in order to listen to the signals of hunger, fullness and satiety to eat better and less without frustration.


Forget these pictures

Including this one, yes.

They are often retouched and represent only a tiny part of reality .

As a nutritionist , we know that marketing standards only represent a tiny fraction of the population.

nutritionniste comportementaliste

Our approach goes far beyond coaching your diet.

As a nutrition expert, we will advise you on what is best for your health, physical and psychological well-being .

What we help you with

  • Improve my relationship with food


  • Working out of the cycle of diets


  • Learn to eat without guilt


  • Find balance and make peace with my food choices


  • Learn to nourish my body in a positive way


  • Help for binge eating


  • Tackling emotional eating


  • Help with eating disorders


  • Motivational tools and ways to overcome obstacles

  • How to acquire sustainable health habits

All you need to know is here

By paying attention to what the body needs, such as when it is hungry and when it is satisfied, you develop a more natural and balanced relationship with food . Ultimately, this method is all about helping you take care of yourself, accept yourself, understand what you really need, and develop inner wisdom to meet those needs in a healthy way .


Sustainable change requires becoming more aware of problematic patterns and modifying them so that they work in everyday life. These will be different for different people, at different times.


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