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Sports nutrition

For performance and recovery

We guide amateur athletes and seasoned athletes (endurance and strength) throughout their training program: before, during and after exercise.

Good nutrition should be one of your priorities if you want to reach your performance goals.

It is not systematically a question of increasing your daily protein intake or even of taking food supplements but of providing you with a personalized diet plan according to the sport practiced and your short and medium term goals.


We also support anyone wishing to regain their healthy weight by combining food rebalancing and sports practice (walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.).

Nutrition coaching

Achieve your balance weight sustainably

During this first meeting, we discuss your objectives in order to understand your history, your lifestyle, your environment and identify what are the obstacles in reaching your goals.

Together, we decide on a totally personalized food plan . We put in place solutions adapted to your eating habits. I provide you with recipe ideas as well as tips to save time in the kitchen.

This consultation is also an opportunity to introduce you to the techniques of mindful eating. We experience a moment of breathing in order to learn to be present to what we are eating .

This technique invites you to eat in a completely intuitive way in order to listen to the signals of hunger, fullness and satiety to eat better and less without frustration.

Feeding children

With you, in each stage of life

Are you pregnant and want to make an informed choice between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding ? As a child nutritionist, we guide you in this often difficult choice between untruths, influence of lobbies and social pressure. ⁠


We also offer support for food diversification , growth problems, food tolerances (gluten, lactose, etc.) as well as attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity.

We explain how to adapt your diet and help you put in place simple and concrete alternatives.


Your child only wants to eat " junk food ", I provide you with my tips and recipes to make your meals once again a moment of pleasure and sharing.

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