Because it all starts now

Child nutritionist

It is with the help of his senses that the child discovers the world and carries out fundamental learning which will allow him to develop.

Mindful eating is an innate resource for children.

Let's give him the chance to discover all these flavors, these smells, these textures and these colors in the awakening, the pleasure and the curiosity.


To give him the best

Your child is the most precious thing.

Let's allow him to access a healthy and simple food education in a fun and informed way.

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To give him the best

Your child is the most precious thing.

Let's allow him to access a healthy and simple food education in a fun and informed way.

By setting up playful rituals

This meditation is perfect for children as young as 4 years old and will be beneficial to relieve stress or help them sleep.
It can also be easily used as a ritual before going to the table in order to release the tensions of the day in a serene way.

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With you,

at every step

of his life.

From the seventh week in utero, the baby begins to pick up the flavors. Throughout your pregnancy, he is already familiarizing himself with your diet .

As a child nutritionist, we guide you to live these nine months in a fulfilling and balanced way for you and your baby.


Are you hesitating between breastfeeding and bottle feeding?

We provide you with insightful information based on the most recent and unbiased scientific studies.


You do not know how to undertake food diversification ?

We will help you step by step through these major steps by adapting to your baby's profile: month after month food plan, simple and practical recipes.

We will also be able to support you in the event of gastric pain, gastroesophageal reflux, specific diets, etc.


We also offer support for growth problems, food intolerances (gluten, lactose, etc.) as well as attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity.

We explain how to adapt your diet and help you put in place simple and concrete alternatives.


Your child / teenager refuses to eat in a balanced way, I provide you with my tips and recipes to make your meals once again a moment of pleasure and sharing.

We also advise you in case of fatigue, acne and oily skin, behavioral disorders.

Our goal: to help your child use their own resources to improve their lifestyle.

What we help you with

  • Meal planning , family meal planning , mealprep, batch cooking

  • Infant feeding, baby-led weaning, introduction of solid foods


  • Nutrition for young children : more variety and tips for eating well


  • Weight concerns (underweight / overweight)

  • Consultation on food allergies and intolerances for children

  • Healthy meals and snacks for children

  • Nutrition and wellness for adolescents

  • Healthy food for mom and dad

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We are listening to you

Whatever your need, we're here to help you make informed choices for your child. It is never a question of judging your past choices or actions but of being there to support you.

Your child's voice is also at the heart of our consultations. It will be a question of discussing together the various options available to you in order to integrate these dietary adjustments as well as possible into family life .

Our pleasure is to support you, we too have gone through these stages and choices in the past.

Let's talk about it during an appointment at my office or online, I adapt to your needs and constraints.


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