By your side, according to your objectives

Sports nutritionist

Because your sports performance depends on a healthy and adapted diet.


Because it is essential.

Whatever sport you practice, the support of a nutritionist is just as essential as that of a sports coach.


Our speciality

We have specialized as a sports nutritionist in order to meet the increasingly important demands of our customers.


Our services are aimed at leisure and professional sportsmen (endurance and strength); also to people wishing to resume a sporting activity.


The sports nutritionist tells you which eating lifestyle to adopt in order to improve your performance and recovery.


We are based on solid scientific knowledge as well as on our own expertise acquired over time.


We guide athletes throughout their training program: before, during and after exercise.


We also support anyone wishing to regain their healthy weight by combining food rebalancing and sports practice (walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc.).


Good nutrition should be one of your priorities if you want to reach your performance goals.


It is not systematically a question of increasing your daily protein intake or even of taking food supplements but of providing you with a personalized diet plan according to the sport practiced and your short and medium term goals.

For your best.


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