Balance program

Feel more serenity in front of your plate and discover your full potential
Become your nutrition guide.

The program at the heart of your food balance in unison with your aspirations, your soul and your physiological needs

Programme Equilibre
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Reach your ideal weight without frustration and smoothly

  • Have you been trying to manage your weight for years but nothing is working?

  • Do you snack outside of meals even if you are not hungry?

  • Have you tried several diets but none of them work over time?

  • Do you feel guilty after eating?

  • Your hunger is very often a hunger linked to an emotion ?

  • Do you skip meals to make up for a meal deemed too high in calories?

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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Your well-being starts here

  • You will integrate a sustainable method to achieve your food balance .

  • You will find serenity in front of your plate every day

  • This method is the key to your well-being to finally feel in accordance with your image and simply feel good.

I invite you to make an appointment for a free discovery consultation of 15 minutes without obligation.

The added values

Why choosing Mind'EAT?

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The Balance Program

I started to think about it in February 2019 when I started on the diploma course in teacher supply mindfulness (Mindful Eating Instructor and Practitioner - Mindful Eating Training Institute).

Through the exercises that we practiced and my exchanges with pairs, I quickly understood that it would be essential to share the fundamental bases of this method.

However, the method as such did not completely satisfy me, which is why I decided to build a reworked version : the Balance Program.

The key is the association:

  • individual and collective : alternating face-to-face sessions and group sessions

  • outer wisdom (expertise of a nutritionist) and inner wisdom (reconnection to the body and sensations)

Included : two private sessions with me

Two private online meetings with me to answer your questions and go further.

You benefit from my expertise directly and in a totally personalized way!

Included : complete food plan

At the end of our first individual meeting, you will receive your totally personalized food guide according to your nutritional profile.

It will be your guide for the composition of your meals.

Included : audio recordings

I offer you all the audio recordings of the exercises we practice together in order to extend the experience.

Included : participant's journal

This PDF booklet is provided to you at the start of the program in order to note what resonates the most for you throughout the modules and thus be able to come back to it when necessary.

And concretely?

I give you a program in accordance with your objectives , your path is guided step by step.

And it goes way beyond a classic nutrition program.

Sure, we will discuss your story, understand your lifestyle, define your balanced plate, work out your nutritional needs, establish your goals… but not only.

What is necessary to rethink your posture regarding your food choices and maintain them over time with confidence?


The key that I give you is to connect with what is essential: YOU!

You, that is to say your body, your sensations, your emotions.

  • How? 'Or' What ? I will guide you through visualizations, quizzes, tastings, breathing exercises and challenges. These exercises will be the foundations of your food renewal; tools that you can reuse at any time according to your needs.

  • What purpose ? The first day of the rest of your life: Be in tune with your food choices and calmly live your relationship with your food for the weeks, months and years to come.

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Six modules to reveal your inner potential and be in balance with your eating lifestyle

This program of more than two months will allow you to explore in depth different techniques of connection to yourself and your body and to find which one (s) work effectively for you; in the time.

Thanks to my expertise as a nutritionist, I will also define a completely personalized

nutritional profile. This will be the starting point of our program.

Then, through video materials, exercises and readings, I will give you every week

all my advice on your way for more freedom and serenity.

NEXT SESSION: from February 1 to March 15, 2021


Here are the themes I have chosen for you:

⌲ I lay the concrete foundations of my nutritional profile

⌲ I initiate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

⌲ I listen to body signals

⌲ I know how to identify and control my emotional appetites

⌲ I make full presence an innate habit

⌲ I set reasoned and informed objectives for the months and years to come

Exclusive bonuses

Only valid for participants in the Balance Program

follow-up at preferential price

You benefit from 50% on a follow-up consultation within 6 months of the end of the program at the date and time that suits you.

Exclusive Facebook group

Lifetime access to the private group reserved for participants of the Balance Program

Questions and answers

Who is this program for?

You are not the only one asking this question.

This program is unlike any other, insofar as you build the foundations of a healthy diet over time to finally feel more well-being on a daily basis without frustration.

After just a few weeks, you will feel the benefits of this method and begin to experience the benefits both physically and emotionally.


You are supported by a nutritionist throughout the journey and also find a place of listening and mutual aid within the group of participants. We do everything we can to support you, build your energy and confidence, and help you find the best strategies to get the best out of you.


You will have all the tools and support you need to achieve your goals. You will learn and evolve over the course of the program. Together, we will put in place the processes to help you implement a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that will change your life.

When will the group sessions take place?

Thursday evenings at 8 p.m. for a duration of 1:30 to 2 hours:

  • February 4

  • February 11th

  • February 18

  • March 4

Do I have to attend all the group sessions live or will there be a replay?

Yes I can only advise you to be present at these sessions. The synergy of the group and mutual aid along the way are key elements for the success of your objectives.
If, in case of force majeure, you could not be present, a recording will be provided to you.

What is the price of this program?

The price is CHF 600.- and includes all individual and group sessions as well as the "extras".

The introductory offer valid for all registrations until January 17th is CHF 450.-

Other questions ?

Do not hesitate to write to me :


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