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Laurie Dicosola, your qualified nutritionist based in

Cheseaux sur Lausanne.


Over the past twenty years, I have had the chance to evolve in

professional sectors very rich in education .

First in the world of fashion in France and then in London.

Then for multinational pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland.

These experiences were the source of much learning

and especially multicultural meetings for which I keep a lot of gratitude.


After the birth of my two daughters, I wanted to branch out into an activity more in line with my convictions and having a direct positive impact on the people who come for coaching .


By extension, I am convinced that a better diet and therefore a better hygiene of life are so many small steps towards a better awareness of oneself, of others and of the planet.


Always an epicurean, curious to discover new gastronomies, passionate about the impact of what we eat, I naturally oriented myself towards food and trained as a Nutritionist at the School of Nutrition Atlas and Well Being in Renens, Switzerland.


At the same time, I became a Mindful Eating Therapist trained at the Mindful Eating Training Institute (METI), California, US. This method developed by Dr Jan Chozen Bays in the 1970s demonstrates that by paying attention to what the body needs, for example when it is hungry and when it is satisfied, we develop a more natural and balanced relationship. with food.

Ultimately, this method is all about making you take care of yourself , accept yourself, understand what you really need, and develop inner wisdom to meet those needs in a healthy way.


2019 - 2020: MCO Nutritionist Diploma (Western Complementary Medicine), Switzerland

2020: MB-EAT practitioner and instructor, Mindful Eating Training Institute, Novato California, United States

2020: The New Nordic Diet - from Gastronomy to Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Ongoing: Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome, University of Colorado & University of California, San Diego

Our partners :

Pauline V.

"A big thank you to Laurie who, through her program to change diet in full awareness, made me discover the benefits of meditation, whether in terms of food or simply for the benefits it brings at all levels . Thanks to this gentle program, the doubts and trial and error at the beginning are erased. I now eat in harmony with myself, being more attentive to my body and its real needs. veganism is now established and the support that Laurie brought me played a big part in it. "

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